2022 Livestock Show Dates & Information




Monday, September 12th  SPONSORED BY: WOODS PAINT

7:00 pm – Hog Showmanship.  Judge ~ Chris Mackey  $5 at the gate.
Directly following Jackpot Showmanship Market Hog Show. Judge ~ Chris Mackey  $25/entry

Tuesday, September 13th SPONSORED BY: MEADE TRACTOR

3:00 – 6:00 PM  4H & FFA Skillathon
4:00 PM  –  4H & FFA Livestock Judging
5:00 PM  – Appalachian Area Junior Small Animal Show – Judge: Zackery Schumaker (Sweet Springs, WV) SPONSORED BY: MEADE TRACTOR 
6:00 PM  – Ag Olympics
Entries for Tuesday shows can be accessed HERE

Wednesday, September 14th SPONSORED BY: 

6:00 PM – Greased Pig Scramble
Kids ages 2-12 try to catch greasy, little big.  Competitors zip through the pen as the pig slips through their grasps. Ages 2-5 must grab the ribbon off the pigs back, whereas, 6-12 must bear hug the pig. Winner takes home a trophy.  


Thursday, September 15th SPONSORED BY: MEADE TRACTOR

5:00 PM Appalachian Area Junior Cattle Show – Judge: Zackery Schumaker (Sweek Springs, WV)
Entries for Thursday show may be accessed HERE


4:00 PM Cattle Showmanship. Judge ~ Kay & Jeff Kaufman $5 will be taken at the gate for Showmanship
4:00 PM Open Cattle Showmanship Judge ~ Kay & Jeff Kaufman $10 will be taken to participate at the gate.
4:00 PM Breeding Heifer Show Judge ~ Kay & Jeff Kaufman $25/entry
4:00 PM Breeding Bull Show. Judge ~ Kay & Jeff Kaufman $25/entry

Saturday, September 17th  SPONSORED BY: FARM CREDIT

Washington County Fair Jackpot, September 17, 2022
Judge: Andy Sloan, Ohio.
Entries will be on the Showman app
Check In 8:30 am – 10: 00 am
Weight Cards due by 10:00 am
Show Starts at 11:30 am with Show Order as Follows:
   Goat Showmanship (Seniors First)
   Market Goat Show
   Lamb Showmanship (Seniors First)
   Market Lamb Show
   Commercial Ewe Lamb Show  (ewe lambs may be shown in both market lamb and commercial ewe lamb show for an 
   additional entry fee) 

For more information:
Michelle Woods – (276) 780-3035 General Registration Information
Natalie Blevins- (276) 356-3553 Lamb and Goat Jackpot
Kate Belcher- (276) 356-6894 Cattle Jackpot
Email “washcofairlivestock@gmail.com” With questions concerning the livestock portion of the Fair. Join “Washington County Fair Livestock Shows” on Facebook for the latest livestock information.

Washington Co. Fair Livestock Events Schedule (Virginia)