Washington County Fair Truck Pull

Saturday, September 10, 2022
6:00 PM 



  1. Truck Pull RulesGeneral Rules
    1. Classes may change at judge’s discretion and may NOT run in order.
    2. Maximum of 26” hitch height.
    3. First pull of the class will have the option to re-pull in the 3rd position. Must declare re-pull prior to 1st pull.
    4. All drivers will be allowed a second start if they stop before the (75-100) foot mark.
    5. The pull will start with a tight pull. No jerks.

    6.Any truck found to be unsafe may be disqualified before, during, or after the pull.

    1. No refund of entry fees due to truck disqualification.
    2. All decision of the judge’s are FINAL.
    3. All decisions made during drivers meeting take precedence over written rules.


    Hot Street Diesel

    1. A technical Inspection required before pull.
    2. Electronic tuners allowed. No Laptops or data loggers allowed.
    3. Tires must be DOT 35-12.50 limit.
    4. Duals allowed. No oversized dual tires.
    5. 2.6 Turbo only.
    6. Fuel – nothing allowed other than #2 fuel only and water/meth.
    7. Hanging front weights allowed.
    8. Weights will be no more than 60” from center of front differentials.
    9. No weights in cab.
    10. Suspension traction bars, blocks, straps, airbags etc. must have 2” travel.
    11. No solid suspension, removable or adjustable stops allowed.
    12. Exhaust cannot exit towards spectators. Exhaust must exit to rear of truck or vertical stacks behind cab in diameter.
    13. Reese style hitch, no trick hitches, no vertical hitches, 3.5 twisted clevis or equivalent opening to allow sled hook. 26” hitch height.
    14. Fire extinguisher required in cab.
    15. Track width of rear tires must not exceed 96”.
    16. Exposed u-joints must be shielded (u-joints visible from side of truck)

    Small Block 427

    1. Gasoline only.
    2. 6,500 weight limit. No hanging weights.


    Street Diesel

    1. A technical safety inspection required before pull.
    2. Tires must be DOT tire. (No Cut Tires)
    3. Duals allowed only on dually trucks.
    4. Turbo, stock appearing no swapping between makes.
    5. No drugs or water injection #2 fuel only.
    6. No front weights or heavy front bumpers.
    7. Factory snow plow brackets or winch brackets permitted (no winch allowed)
    8. No weight bar brackets.
    9. Weights in bed only.
    10. No weights in cab.
    11. No frame or suspension modifications.
    12. No suspension add-ons, air bags, or helper springs.
    13. Exhaust should exit rear of truck or vertical stacks behind cab.
    14. Reese style hitch, or bumper pulling hitches.
    15. No vertical hitches. 3.5 twisted clevis or equivalent opening to allow sled hook. 26” hitch height.
    16. No laptops allowed.
    17. No chips, tuners, programmers, exc. Allowed.
    18. 8,500 weight maximum


    512 CID Altered Gas

    2.6 Diesel

    1. 7,800 lb maximum
    2. Hanging front weights permitted. Weight or Weight bracket must not extend more than 60 inches from the center line of the axel.
    3. The body must be OEM truck body including full bed floor. Complete OEM firewall and complete OEM floor plan is mandatory. A factory installed pickup bed or commercial style aftermarket bed must be installed.
    4. Front wheel hydraulic functional brakes.
    5. OEM Chassis is mandatory. Engine must be in OEM location. Wheel Tubs, back half conversion, tube chassis, etc. are prohibited.
    6. Radiators must be in stock location and be of at least stock size.
    7. OEM transmission

    2WD Gas

    1. Hitch can be no higher than 30” and no longer than 30% of wheel base and no shorter than 27% of the wheel base
    2. Any engine/transmission combination.
    3. No differential bigger than 11 ½ diameter ring gear.
    4. 7,500 lb. weight limit.
    5. Chassis being used can be no heavier than ½ ton.
    6. No tube chassis-chassis being used must come off of assembly line.
    7. No add on weights ahead of the back of cab.
    8. Solid suspension in the rear.
    9. Front suspension must use OEM parts.
    10. Straight front axle permitted.
    11. Front suspension must be able to move one direction up or down.
    12. Any tire and wheel combination. Duals, Tractor type tires permitted.
    13. Transfer cases permitted-dual transfers permitted.
    14. Cubic inch limit 480 CI.

    Unlimited Big Block

    1. Gasoline only.
    2. 6,500 weight limit.

    Street Gas

    1. Suspension should have at least 2” of travel before being solid.
    2. Weights not more than 20” from grill.
    3. No more than 4 engine modifications allowed.
    4. No aluminum headers.
    5. No roller rockers.
    6. Dual plane intake only.
    7. Aftermarket heads permitted.
    8. 10” wide rim allowed (no wider than)
    9. Hook height 26 inches. Hook point to center of axle should not be less than 27% of wheel base.
    10. DOT Tires only.
    11. Pump gas only.
    12. Single Carb only.
    13. No dominator carbs.
    14. Traction bars permitted.


    Dirt Drags


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